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Visit soon! They support us - lets support them!

  This is where we have some of our radio swap meets. Nice bright, clean hall with plenty of parking.

"Quality vacuum tube electronics"
Professionally tested + restored + warranty = Investment Grade,Radios or Hi-Fi.

All levels of electronic repair plus wood cabinet restoration!

Visit the NJARC Museum 2201 Marconi Road, Wall Township
Open every Sunday - from 1 to 5 pm

Dedicated to Antique radio, restorations, and resources. Sells capacitors, dial lamps, and vintage HIFI belt kits!

  The Delaware Valley Historic Radio Club (DVHRC), founded in 1991, is an active club dedicated to the collection and preservation of antique radios, televisions, electronic test equipment and related items.

  The California Historical Radio Society (CHRS) is a non-profit corporation founded in 1974 to promote the restoration and preservation of early radio and broadcasting.

Welcome to the Vintage Radio and Communications Museum of Connecticut!

For over 40 years Circuit Specialists has provided affordable, high-quality soldering irons for maintaining, repairing, and restoring antique radios. They carry a wealth of other electronics equipment and components, as well.

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